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Chronic Disease

Our Center for Community Health Advancement (CCHA) health educators and community health experts at Marshfield Clinic Health System are working to improve access to healthy food, promote physical activity, and prevent and reduce tobacco/nicotine use, all of which contribute to a higher risk of chronic disease and improve quality of life. A chronic disease is a long-lasting health condition or one that develops over time, such as arthritis, cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Current efforts include:

Anti-Vaping Awareness

The rate of youth e-cigarette use is rising in Wisconsin and nationwide. We are working to create advocacy and awareness around this issue. We strive to correct the misinformation by educating the public on the truth about e-cigarettes and vaping, and hope to reduce substance use and addiction in our youth.

Hydroponic Gardens

We are placing hydroponic garden units in Marshfield Clinic Health System locations and across the Health System’s service area. These indoor gardens grow plants in nutrient-rich water instead of soil.

Our hydroponic gardens are strategically placed to help individuals and communities struggling with food insecurity access fresh produce year-round. The units also support awareness that healthy food is necessary for good health.