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Behavioral Health

Our Center for Community Health Advancement (CCHA) health educators and community health experts at Marshfield Clinic Health System implement multiple programs to bring behavioral health resources where they are needed most. Many communities in our service area have identified behavioral and mental health as a top priority. Our programs bring education and awareness efforts directly into the communities to support mental wellness for all. 



COVID-19: Apple Device Donations 

Image of elderly individual using an Apple device

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many older adults homebound and without any social contact with others. Lack of social interaction is a large contributor to loneliness, depression and other negative emotions, which in turn affect physical health. To improve overall health for older adults, Marshfield Clinic Health System (MCHS) is repurposing Apple devices and providing them to older adults so they are able to connect with their loved ones, family and friends.


Please consider donating your under-used Apple devices such as iPads, iPhones and laptops. Your gift will connect isolated older adults with their world.


To Donate

Download and fill out the form below:

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Contact the Center for Community Health Advancement via one of the methods below to receive a pre-paid mailing label and/or box to send the device you're donating.



Phone: 715-221-8400



Other efforts include:

Question, Persuade, Refer

We provide Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) suicide prevention training. These three basic steps teach how to help when someone is in crisis.


Ripple Effect Documentary

We host screenings of the suicide prevention documentary, The Ripple Effect, to create awareness and educate the public about suicide. The documentary shares the true story of a man who survived a suicide attempt.


Screen Free Week

We support Screen Free Week, a national campaign to unplug from screens when possible and have fun together. Learn more about Screen Free Week


CCHA staff can help you develop and implement this campaign in your community. Contact us for more information.


Social and Emotional Learning

CCHA staff have developed a Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program in collaboration with youth behavioral health specialists. This program teaches kids how to identify emotions and strategies to manage them, create awareness of other peoples’ perspectives and demonstrate how to develop healthy relationships.


Zero Suicide

Zero Suicide is an improvement model that transforms systemwide suicide prevention and care to save lives. Zero Suicide is several things: an aspirational goal designed to catalyze transformational change; a suicide-care model with specific practices for health systems to employ; and, a movement seeking to make health care settings safer and more compassionate for people with suicidal thoughts and urges. Health care systems and leaders design for a zero-based mindset by changing the culture around suicide prevention and care.

Marshfield Clinic Health System is a member of the Zero Suicide initiative. The foundational belief of Zero Suicide is that suicide is preventable. For systems dedicated to improving patient safety, Zero Suicide presents an aspirational challenge and practical framework for system-wide transformation toward safer suicide care. More information about Zero Suicide is available here.

Our Center for Community Health Advancement is involved in a number of community-based initiatives aimed at improving the mental health infrastructure of the communities we serve. Learn more about these initiatives here

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